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Remember More Jiu Jitsu

In Jiu Jitsu have you ever:
- Learned the perfect move and a week later don't recall it when rolling?

- Watched your coach explain a move and 15 seconds later are totally clueless?

- Tap to submissions you know you have learned the escape from but can't recall?

- Had your jiu jitsu game plateau because you walk out the door of training and don't remember a thing other than the beating?

This can be solved easier than you might think.

Get the course and advance quicker

What You Will Learn:

  • Background method: Mental Jiu Jitsu moves on backgrounds in your memory for retrieval later
  • Memorize by Jiu Jitsu position: Create a mental flowchart of moves from mount, moves from side control, moves from guard, etc. When reviewing you will store 5 or more moves from each position. It's your choice how much and what you will place in your mental file cabinets
  • ABC Method: Learn the ABC method of remembering the key steps of each jiu jitsu move
  • Studying and Learning Tips: Strategies from 2500 years ago to the 1700s from scholars on learning, memory and psychology of why we remember
  • ​USA Memory Champion Insights: Each of the 15 lessons is taught by USA Memory Champion and Purple Belt in BJJ, Ron White. Hacks and tips on applying his memory system to Jiu Jitsu.